COVID-19 measures in our holiday homes and flats

  • Processing of a complete cleaning protocol before your arrival, signed by the responsible person and available for inspection.
  • Optimal equipment of our cleaning teams.
  • Rigorous adherence to hygiene regulations with additional, useful extensions for room air and contact surfaces.
  • Use of environmentally friendly and nevertheless potent cleaning agents according to the motto "Thorough cleanliness before the most aggressive chemicals".
  • Eco-friendly special hygiene treatment of laundry by our partner Hotex/Blanco as well as the exclusive use of cooked laundry in-house.
  • Environmentally friendly sanitation of the entire living area using ozone, which is neutralised again before your arrival.
  • Obligation to wear a mask for EVERYONE in all public indoor areas, and of course everywhere for our own team.
  • Disinfectant dispenser with skin-friendly composition of the „Welsberg Castle Pharmacy“ at the entrances.
  • Complete, transparent information for you regarding the current situation in our area.
= safe holiday